Yellin’s first novel is impossible to put down... Beauty, deep love, and a timelessness will likely make it a classic.
Booklist starred review

Warm and engrossing, rich with historical detail and unmet yearning... More than anything, this wide-ranging novel is a meditation on the power of the Holy City, able to restore or shake the faith of whoever enters.
Publishers' Weekly

A warmly portrayed, densely researched fictional history of a scattered Jewish clan migrated to Jerusalem... A fascinating, labyrinthine journey, joined to the modern-day suspense... Cohesively combines the epic and personal sense of sorrow and nostalgia rooted in home.
Kirkus Reviews

In Shulamit, debut author Tamar Yellin gives us a Jewish heroine for our time... Shepher is the Hebrew word for beauty. This stunning book has its proper name.

Filled with myth, mystery, and history... this novel gives the flavor of Jerusalem neighborhoods through the modern era. Recommended.
Library Journal

Assured, professional and profound... She's got a kind of Vermeer pitch to her work, just a quiet quality. This novel is beautifully crafted and combines all sorts of mythic and mundane themes and ideas in a very assured way.
Jewish Chronicle
From the Reviewers

An intently observed, fluent and inventive work... Yellin herself, whose writing marries fact and fiction, sacred and secular, self and community, is also involved in "remaking," in expressing a new creative Jewish voice that is embedded in the historical and literary genizah of Jewish culture. For her readers, that is more than consolation. It is a refreshing change to read an author who moves with ease not only through modern literary conventions, but also through Jewish sources, not to serve a traditionalist agenda, but rather to reclaim access to and enjoyment from the textual wealth of Jewish writings through the ages.